Your brand is how your business is perceived through your customer’s eyes. I create brand identities that express your values and personality and resonate with right-fit clients.

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That’s included —

Logo and Identity Design

In collaboration, we will create a visual representation of your brand. I will design a versatile identity system that represents your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience. Each project is different, but most likely includes:

– Primary Logo
– Secondary Logo and/or Mark
– Patterns, Icons, and/or Illustrations
– Colour Palette
– Typography System


Brand Guidelines

Consistency is key for building brand integrity and trust. At the end of a project, I will provide you with a comprehensive brand style guide on the use of typography, colour, patterns, etc. This will ensure that anyone can apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

Brand Collateral

Each business has a unique way of communicating with their customers. I will help you to design your brand touchpoints, such as:

– Stationary
– Website
– Packaging
– Marketing Material


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