Interactive light and sound installation

The interactive installation resonate was exhibited at the Luminale in Frankfurt in 2012.

The hull of a container ship provided a space for the installation. Inside the ship, a black-light-reflecting structure of elastic ropes was installed. The ropes ended in 8 interactive objects. By pulling the ropes and rotating the objects, the visitor generated sounds, with each of the 8 objects generating a unique tone. At the same time, the sound waves were represented as light waves on the surfaces of the objects.

Resonate has been awarded numerous prizes and publications and has been invited to exhibit at the ZKM Media Art Museum in Karlsruhe.

In addition to the installation, I had the opportunity to develop a visual identity and documentation for resonate.

Teamwork, University of Applied Sciences Mainz


  • Concept Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Realisation