Interactive light and sound installation

The interactive installation resonate was developed in collaboration with the master’s program Sound Art Composition (University Mainz) for the Luminale light festival in Frankfurt.

A container ship provides the space for the installation.  Regular frames of a ships hull serve as anchor points for the complex elastic string structure, which reflects black light.  The installation consists of eight interactive objects that are connected to the boat via metal rings at the ceiling.  By pulling the strings, the visitor generates sounds.  Each object has a unique sound, varied by the strings vibrations.  All sounds are displayed as light waves on the interfaces of the objects.

Piezo pickups at the metal rings sample the vibrations, and Arduino boards transmit them to a PC. Converted information is sent back to speakers, and a LED matrix under the objects screens.

We are proud of numerous awards and publications resonate has achieved.  Following up on the exhibition, our team got invited to rebuild and exhibit resonate at the ZKM media art museum, Karlsruhe.  In addition to the installation itself, I created a dynamic corporate design for resonate, including project documentation to be sold at the ZKM museum shop.



  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Realisation