Fashion Hostel Barcelona

My bachelor thesis in architecture is based on the international competition “Barcelona 2011”. The brief calls for a 100m high-rise hostel to reactivate and identify the area. Shopping is one of Barcelona’s attractions, so we decided to design a Fashion Hostel. In addition to the typical hostel operation, it offers young designers the opportunity to hold fashion events. Due to the long, narrow building plot, the structure only develops the full height towards the road. The two lower floors with full length provide space for a catwalk, reception, gallery and restaurant. For more effective feasibility, the tower height does not exceed 50m. Reduced rooms are hosted inside the tower. The main feature of the building is its dual façade, which, like fashion itself, is variable. Moving around the building, the facade changes its appearance from dull black to glossy white. The façade elements also vary in depth to achieve shading that considers the cardinal points.

Teamwork with Alexia Pogiatzi


  • Research and Analysis
  • Concept Design