Fashion Hostel Barcelona

My Architecture Bachelor Thesis is based on the guidelines of the international competition “Barcelona 2011”.

The brief asks for a 100m high hostel skyscraper to re-activate and identify the area.  Shopping is one of Barcelona’s attractions, so we decided to design a “Fashion Hostel”.  Additionally to typical hostel operations, it offers the possibility for young designers to hold fashion events.  Due to the long and small site, the building only develops its height towards the road.  Two full-length bottom floors include catwalk, reception, gallery, and restaurant.  The tower (due to feasibility only 50m high) accommodates very basic bedrooms.  The building structure reacts to the urban context with “cuts”, such as the entrance, wherever needed.  The main aspect is the buildings dual façade which makes it changeable, just like fashion.  With motion, the façade changes its appearance from matte black to glossy white.  The façade elements vary in their depth to provide shading responding on the cardinal direction.

Teamwork with Alexia Pogiatzi


  • Research and Analysis
  • Concept