The Circle

Living on demand

The Circle is a part of my Master Thesis and is based on a theoretical exploration on how we will live in the European city of 2040. See The Future of Housing.

In 2040, 75% of all Europeans will live in cities, as opposed to the countryside.  Life will be defined by services.  Residents will pay rent that authorises them to use various service levels within the city.  With those services, very specialised third spaces will arise across the entire city, and enhance the small personal living space on-demand.  Living becomes a decentralised network with the private apartment as just one knot to it.

Interviewing various people, I realised that a space feels more personal to its habitant when it becomes part of the very personal living space.  People don’t want to live in spaces they need to travel to. This insight led to The Circle, a space optimising living concept, that utilises the idea of decentralised living, and creates third spaces in the immediate environment of the user.  The Circle integrates a service level into the architecture, which enables the resident to share living space without the loss of privacy.  Every apartment contains of a minimal private space that accommodates up to two people. Additionally, extensions that meet the current need of the resident can be booked, and payed for on-demand.

For more information, visit the website of The Circle.
The progress of the project is documented here.


  • User and Design Research
  • Concept