Visual Identity Design

Stand out amongst your competition by establishing a visual identity tailored to your business.

Logo and Visual Identity Design

People form their opinion about your offer in a few seconds. Your visual identity is often the first point of contact with your brand.

Together, we create a versatile identity system that reflects the values and personality of your business and appeals to the right customers. While the scope of each project varies, your visual identity likely includes the following:

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo and/or Mark
  • Patterns, Icons, and/or Illustrations
  • Colour Palette 
  • Typography System
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Visual Identity Design

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is key to building brand integrity and trust. When I hand over your project, you will receive a style guide on the use of your visual identity. This is how we ensure that everyone can apply the design correctly and consistently.

Brand Collateral

Each business communicates with its customers differently. I help you design those touchpoints, such as:

  • Stationary
  • Website
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Material

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