Illustration for Jessica Longo showing a castle-like hotel in the region of northern Italy

Jessica Longo

Jessica Longo specialises in transcreation. She translates texts from German into Italian, delivering more than just words. Jessica passes on the message and the emotions that her clients want to evoke in the Italian reader. To do this, she needs to have a good grasp of the topics and the target audiences of her customers.

In a brand strategy workshop, I helped Jessica to narrow down her areas of expertise: Tourism, Outdoor and Gourmet, all with a focus on the northern Italian Alpine region.

What sets Jessica Longo apart is her perfect blend of rationality and emotion. Together we developed a design and tone of voice that expresses this uniqueness. Playful elements, such as illustrations, are combined with rigorous structure. A distinctive element of Jessica’s visual identity is the humanist sans serif typeface Meta, which perfectly combines those rational and human qualities.

Texts by Jessica Longo. Web development by Florian Berger. Together we are Berger+Team.

Illustrations for outdoor and gourmet as part of the Branding for Jessica Longo
illustration design for Jessica Longo to illustrate her services "Transcreation" and "Copywriting"
typographic business card designs for Jessica Longo
Hand holding letterhead portraying Jessica Longo‘s branding
This is a testimonial.
—Jessica Longo, Transcreator

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