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    Emily Heyward

    “Obsessed”, written by the co-founder of branding agency Red Antler, is a truly inspiring book. The simple language and detailed examples make “Obsessed” the perfect book for anyone new to branding.

    Jenni Romaniuk

    Jenni Romaniuk is a researcher at the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science. In “Building Distinctive Brand Assets”, Jenni provides an evidence-based perspective on what makes brand assets distinctive and why rebranding is hardly ever a good idea.

    Byron Sharp

    Byron Sharp is also a researcher at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. His book “How brands grow” is based on decades of research. It reveals scientific laws about the buying and marketing performance of brands.

    Michael Johnson

    In “Branding in Five and a Half Steps”, Michael Johnson elaborates on his five-step branding process (Investigation, Strategy and Narrative, Design, Implementation, and Engagement). He offers a lot of examples along the way.

    Marty Neumeier

    All of Marty Neumeier’s books make a good starting point for designers that want to get into branding. 

    Daniel Kahneman

    Daniel Kahneman is a trained psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics. His book is a must-read to understand how we think and make decisions.

    Rory Sutherland

    “Alchemy” is not a classic branding book, but I recommend it to anyone building brands. Alchemy offers many insights into behavioural science and Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, makes it a delight to read.

    Martin Lindstrom

    In ‘Buyology,’ Martin Lindstrom shares findings from his three-year neuromarketing study. It’s so fascinating to learn how branding directly affects our brains.

    Jonah Berger

    In this book Jonah Berger talks about what makes things so popular. But why do people talk about certain ideas more than others? Why are some stories more infectious? 


    Fergus O’Carroll

    The “On Strategy Showcase” podcast offers an insight into the strategies behind some of the most-known campaigns and brands.

    Mark Pollard

    Mark Pollard talks strategy with some of the biggest—and smaller—names in the advertising industry.

    Stef Hamerlinck

    Stef talks to many interesting people about branding. He interviewed Rory Sutherland, Jenni Romaniuk and many more.

    Jacob Cass & Matt Davies

    “Just Branding” is the ideal podcast for anyone new to branding. It explores branding approaches, tools and more.


    Mark Pollard

    “Sweathead” offers a fantastic community of strategists of all levels, sharing ideas, resources, experience and even jobs.

    Ana Andjelic

    Not a community in the traditional sense, but you should subscribe to Ana’s newsletter. Her background in sociology gives her an interesting perspective on topics such as brand, business or culture.


    LSN Global offers a bunch of free articles on their website, or you can become a member for access to the full site.

    I get the Wunderman Thomson newsletter directly to my inbox. They also share a bunch of free (and paid) content on their website. I especially value their annual The Future 100 trend report.

    TrendWatching offers trend reports, case studies, and a newsletter on emerging trends, consumer behaviours, and market dynamics.

    Watch out for Interbrand’s annual Best global brands ranking.


    Mark Pollard

    This was such a great course. I learned a lot about strategy and about myself. The therapist I never knew I needed.

    Chris Do & team

    The Futur offers courses in business and design. I can recommend their Typography and lettering classes.


    Not a course, but the “Flawless Typography Checklist” is my favourite resource for typography. The Typewolf website also curates web typography examples for font and font-pairing inspiration.

    Skillshare offers courses on everything from copywriting to strategy. It helped me get into freelancing and branding.

    Domestika offers a range of very affordable classes. I took some of them and found them really inspiring. My favourite course so far is Tatabi Studio’s course on sustainable packaging.


    Management & Organisation

    Having everything in one place keeps my freelancer life organised. Notion has also helped me organise my thoughts on brand strategy work.


    I check most of my texts with Grammarly. It’s like having a native speaker check on my English.


    I often get my texts checked through Hemingway, too, to make sure they are easy enough to read.

    Ideation & Research

    I’ve started using Chat GPT for a range of things, be it to get a quick overview of new topics or to check my spelling.

    This list contains affiliate links. By purchasing books through my links, you can support small local bookstores as well as my work here.

    I do my best to keep these branding resources up to date. If you have any recommendations or feedback, I’d love for you to get in touch.

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