The black and white picture shows a logo for bicycle shop Bad Bikes Berlin on a black T-shirt

Bad Bikes Berlin

Bad Bikes is a small bike shop located in the neighbourhood of Berlin Steglitz. A range of bikes is sold here—from children's bikes to e-bikes. The real passion and expertise of the owner, however, lies in sports bikes.

Bad Bikes Berlin emerged from Bad Bikes Wernigerode. The Berlin location initially used the same visual identity and supply chain. But otherwise, the two shops had nothing in common. Bad Bikes Berlin has since moved on and needed its own visual identity while retaining the original name.

I have differentiated the shop with a bright green, in contrast to its previous red. The new logo retains some of the old features but is simplified. Besides the logo, I created an icon set for marking the different types of bikes.
image of sentence that reads 'Dein Bike shop in Steglitz' in typeface Teko for Bad Bikes Berlin
Icon suite for Bad Bikes Berlin including icons for "Mountain Bikes", "Kids Bikes", Road Bikes" and "Tracking Bikes"
image of a bright green info tag hanging off a handlebar for Bad Bikes Berlin
The Bad Bikes Berlin icon shows a bicycle in black on a light green background
Black drink bottle with the logo design of Bad Bikes Berlin
image shows mountain bikers riding a trail from a birds eye perspective
Black van on black background with a car signage that shows the Bad Bikes Berlin Logo
image shows ad of a bicycle shop on a construction fence

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