Three business cards for Lord Jens Kramer, each featuring the distinctive silhouette of the Schlern Mountain. The cards are arranged on a teal-grey background.

Lord Jens Kramer

Lord Jens Kramer is a passionate ultra-trail runner from northern Italy. He thrives in competitions that push him to his very limits. But above all, he loves being close to nature.

Jens needed a visual identity to be able to attract more sponsors. Their support allows him to participate in bigger events, such as the Marathon des Sables.

I developed a visual identity system that is very personal. The logo shows the silhouette of the Schlern Mountain, which is home to his local trails. The colour palette for Lord Jens Kramers visual identity design is inspired by the colours of nature and by the strong will and enthusiasm. Since we implemented the branding, Jens has been able to attract several new sponsors.

Web development by Florian Berger. Together we are Berger+Team.

The image displays a set of branding materials for a trail runner, including a letterhead, photograph, and business card.
The image shows a mountain hut in the Dolomites, a beautiful range of mountains in northeastern Italy. The hut is situated in front of the impressive silhouette of Schlern Mountain in front of a clear sky. The evening sun reflects off the rocks.
An image showcasing the picture marks for Lord Jens Kramer's visual identity, presented in a range of colors. The image features three of the picture marks at the top of a light grey-teal background, and three at the bottom on darker backgrounds, including a red one. The picture marks represent the visual identity of Lord Jens Kramer and are designed to be recognisable and distinctive in a variety of contexts.
This is a testimonial.
—Lord Jens Kramer, Trail Runner

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