At the heart of UnikaTops is Tobias Demetz, an artist and craftsman who transforms South Tyrolean wood into exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether it's bowls, clocks, or vases—every object carries its own unique story.

Through close collaboration with Tobias, I've crafted a brand strategy that accentuates this distinctiveness and the exceptional quality of each piece. The result is a design and website intentionally stripped down to its essence, allowing the objects to shine.

The branding work resulted in a clean and simple design language and a website that not only tells Tobias’ passion for beauty and nature but also the unique stories behind the objects.

I chose the signature font Sfizia, which gives the brand a certain recognition. This is combined with a subtle colour palette and layout so as not to distract from the craftsmanship.

Web development and photography by Florian Berger. Together we are Berger+Team.

Portrait of Tobias Demetz, founder of Unikatops
Unikatops Website Design in Mockup
Unikatops Logo mocked up on a black Tshirt
Unikatops Mobile Design Mockup
Social Media Mobile screens as a design example for the unikatops branding
This is a testimonial.
—Lord Jens Kramer, Trail Runner

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