Quick Read: How to Create a Great Brand Name

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    A good brand name is essential for your business. It’s what people remember and associate with your brand. Learn in under one minute how to create a great brand name for your business.

    Qualities of a Great Brand Name

    • Uniqueness: Stand out from competitors to avoid confusion.
    • Appropriateness and emotional resonance: The name should fit your industry and evoke emotions without being overly descriptive.
    • Availability: Ensure the name is available for trademarks, URLs, and social media handles.
    • Length and Simplicity: Keep it short, easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.
    • Visual Appeal: Consider how it can be visually represented in your branding.
    • Global suitability: Ensure the name is globally applicable, working effectively across languages to avoid misunderstandings

    Different Types of Brand Names

    • Founder’s name (Ford)
    • Descriptive name (PayPal)
    • Metaphoric name (Puma)
    • Arbitrary name (Kodak)
    • Altered name (Xerox)
    • Acronym (IKEA)
    • invented name (Google)

    Follow These 7 Steps to Create Your Brand Name

    1. Define your brand’s unique qualities and target audience.
    2. Brainstorm names for each type, allowing creativity without limitations.
    3. Narrow the list down to 5-10 names that resonate with your brand identity.
    4. Check the availability of URLs and social media handles for your shortlisted names.
    5. Seek feedback, remembering that a new name also takes time to grow on people.
    6. Research potential names in various languages to avoid unintended negative connotations.
    7. Consult a trademark lawyer to ensure the name can be registered.

    That’s it. For an in-depth article on this topic, check out “How to Create a Strong Brand Name”.


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