Quick Read: How to Pick the Perfect Brand Fonts

finding the perfect typeface for your brand

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    I know your time is at a premium. That’s why I would like to keep this article short. Learn how to pick the perfect brand fonts in less than a minute.

    12 Steps to Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Brand

    1. Understand Your Brand: Clarify your brand’s mission, values, audience, and personality.
    2. Set Font Objectives: Define the emotions, brand voice, personality, differentiation the fonts need to communicate, budget and more.
    3. Reflect Brand Personality: Look for fonts that match your brand’s character.
    4. Get Inspired: Explore sites like Fonts in Use, Typewolf, Behance, and Foundry websites.
    5. Choose Classifications: Decide if serif, sans-serif, script, or display fonts suit best with your brand.
    6. Prioritise Readability: Balance distinctiveness with readability, especially for body text.
    7. Pair Fonts Thoughtfully: Combine fonts that contrast yet complement each other for clear hierarchy and strong recognition.
    8. Test Across Applications: Ensure consistency across various platforms, devices and media.
    9. Avoid Trends: Opt for timeless fonts that remain relevant over the years.
    10. Legal Considerations: Confirm proper licensing to avoid legal issues.
    11. Ensure Consistency: Create brand guidelines for consistent font usage.
    12. Seek Professional Help: Consult a brand designer if needed for expert guidance.

    Want to learn more about brand fonts? Check out my in-depth article on choosing brand fonts.

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