What Are Brand Assets? (Plus 100 Examples)

Letterhead design for UnikaTops as an example for brand assets

By Nine Blaess | 1:58 min

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    In a market where everyone competes for our attention, standing out and building meaningful connections with consumers is the ultimate challenge for brands like yours. But what makes your brand truly memorable? What sets it apart? The answer lies in your brand assets.

    What Are Brand Assets?

    Brand assets are all those elements that represent and communicate your brand to the public. Brand assets can be tangible features, like logos or websites, or intangible, like brand stories or values.

    When combined, all your assets form a cohesive brand image and shape the unique identity of your business.

    By strategically designing and using your brand assets, you can build a recognisable brand experience that stands out and attracts your ideal audience.

    Obviously, not all brand assets automatically stand out just because you created them. You need to use them repeatedly and consistently to establish them in consumers’ minds firmly. 

    When they become instantly recognisable and closely associated with your brand, we call them distinctive brand assets.

    Now that we have clarified this, I would like to give you 100 examples of brand assets, grouped by the senses they speak to.

    100 Examples of Brand Assets

    Visual Assets

    • Logo
    • Typography (fonts, styles)
    • Colour palette
    • Iconography
    • Patterns
    • Layout
    • Illustrations
    • Brand Photography
    • Brand mascots
    • Packaging design
    • Website design
    • App interface
    • Product design
    • Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
    • Visual advertisements (print, digital)
    • Branded uniforms
    • Social media graphics
    • Branded signage
    • Motion graphics

    Sonic Assets

    • Jingles
    • Sound logos
    • Voiceover talent
    • Podcast intros
    • Podcast outros
    • Sound effects in advertisements
    • On-hold music (in phone cue)
    • Product sound
    • Branded ringtone
    • Branded soundtrack or playlist

    Tactile Assets

    • Texture of packaging materials
    • Embossed or debossed elements on marketing materials
    • Texture and weight of paper in print materials
    • Packaging materials with unique touch elements
    • Interactive packaging
    • Material choices in product design
    • Ergonomic design
    • Haptic feedback in digital interfaces
    • Textured surfaces in retail environments
    • Texture and feel of fabrics in fashion brands

    Scented Assets

    • Signature fragrance or scent
    • Scented product lines
    • Fragrance in retail spaces or showrooms
    • Scented promotional materials
    • Air fresheners with brand-specific scents
    • Scented packaging materials
    • Scented candles or diffusers
    • Scented samples or giveaways
    • Fragrance integrated into product formulas
    • Scented marketing events

    Taste Assets

    • Signature flavours
    • Branded recipes
    • Unique ingredient combinations
    • Seasoning blends
    • Limited edition flavours
    • Flavour-infused products
    • Personalised flavour experiences
    • Taste-focused marketing campaigns
    • Food and beverage samplings
    • Culinary collaborations

    Intangible Assets

    I hope you found these brand asset examples helpful in understanding what’s contributing to your brand identity.

    Have any additional ideas to add to the list? I would love to hear from you!

    In the meantime, feel free to check out my article on sensory branding, which includes some real-world examples for many of the assets mentioned above.

    Nine Blaess

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