Together, we set the stage for your unforgettable brand.


I get to know your business, along with its unique challenges, and we’ll set goals for our work together.

Brand Workshop & Research

Through a brand workshop and follow-up research, I am able to understand your business with its unique challenges better.

Brand Strategy

Through dialogue with you, I will connect the dots to develop a long term strategy that becomes the foundation of your brand.

Visual Identity Design

I create a flexible visual identity system based on the strategic direction we developed for your business.

Web & Print Design

I bring your brand to life by designing the visual touchpoints a customer can have with your company. I work closely with a developer and SEO specialist to create quality websites.

Brand Consultation

Branding is an ongoing effort. I’m always available to ensure that you apply your branding consistently—from content creation to the product itself.

Every company has its unique challenges, goals and budgets. My process will vary from case to case.

Frequently asked questions

I usually recommend professional branding to those who already have a good understanding of their business. However, every business is different and you can’t start out with no brand, either. I wrote “When is the best time for branding?” to give you more context.

Yes, starting your project with a brand strategy is crucial for long-term success. Building a brand without a solid foundation is like constructing a house on shaky ground—it may not withstand the test of time.

I know a logo alone will not help you connect with your audience or create a culture people love. So I don’t take on logo-only projects.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to branding. After we set goals for our work together, I will provide you with a fixed price offer for your project. Brand strategy typically starts at EUR 2,000 and brand design at EUR 1,500.

I won’t let you down when you need further branding advice or design after your brand has launched. Once we worked together, you can book me at an hourly or daily rate.

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